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The rush and push to level 85

Honestly, there has been so much going on in game lately that … I haven’t wanted to play at all. But within the last couple of days it started to dawn on me. The Cataclysm is coming. I need to sit down and start preparing for my push to Realm First.

I’ve heard it all, both postive and negative with my goal. But I have to stop and think … that’s just what it is. My goal. If I fail then I fail, but fuck at least I tried.
My character is sitting stocked with 6k gold, almost 50 open bag slots, 40 flasks and buff food to last me forever. I’m so ready to complete this, so ready to make my goal.
I’ll try to take small breaks as I go to post some screen shots, and possibly a vlog or two, but honestly time is of the essence for me.

As my guild always likes to tell me, GOGO!



I made this bed

This song has never fit my life more than it does at this moment.

Well maybe I’m just scared
To face the things I feel
It’s easier to walk away from everything
If we could just reset
And live in happiness
Instead of our regrets
We’d salvage everything
We don’t have to walk away

Pray for me now
I’m in need of faith
Pray for me now
I’m in need