Blathering Idiot party of 1

After being told that healing would get better, and whining like a petulant child, I have to say that it did get better. Although it is no where near as fun for me as it used to be, it no longer makes me want to rage and punt small furry creatures across the room. I have noticed though that now when I heal I tend to get a headache from all the concentrating that I do.

So did they dumb down healing, or did people finally start realizing what was going on? I think honestly that people just started paying attention, and of course the gear isn’t nearly as big an issue as it was when I started running Cata heroics.

Honestly, though gearing up can go fuck itself.  I understand that it makes sense for leather wearers to wear leather and cloth wearers to wear cloth, but when I’m the only caster in a group, and all that drops is cloth gear that is an upgrade from the gear I’m wearing but I don’t want to give up that 5% INT, it kind of makes me want to punt small animals again.

So, instead I’ve set myself small goals. Run a heroic once a day, since doing a heroic takes anywhere from 2-3 hours even with a guild group, gone are the days of me doing a heroic before bed, or before I have to go to work. This honestly makes me sad. Do my dailys, and then I’m free to do whatever I want. Very rarely is it run another heroic though, usually I end up dinking around on an alt.

Yeah, I’m leveling another druid, wanna fight about it? Haha, seriously am. Although she’s a feral druid, something I swore I’d never be. I’m loving killing shit in 2 hits. I’m a fierce bitch.

I need to start preparing for raiding, since as a guild we start raiding on Wednesday. I just hope we have enough range. Seriously where the hell did all this melee damage come from? I also hope that our raiders are ready, because if not I forsee some massive bitching coming. We’ll see.


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