In Which I fail.

So I had all these goals for Realm First, and didn’t meet any of them. Honestly, there were some bugs and issues, but my hats off to the Realm First Druid on my server (not gonna lie I don’t even know it was).

Even though it took me twice as long as I thought it would to hit 85, I did it.

I’m honestly really proud of myself for managing to hit 85 as quickly as I did. Now if only it was that easy to gear up for raiding.

Healing in WoW is so fucking horrible it’s not even funny. I hate it, and for me to hate healing is something massive. I’ve loved healing ever since I first picked it up. But now it’s … a bit on the excessive side. I enjoy a challenge, but what I don’t enjoy is constantly feeling like I’m doing something wrong, no matter how much I try to change my play style.

My hots just don’t hit hard enough, and my mana regen isn’t good enough.  I’m going OOM before the boss is even at 40%. And I’m watching my heals, and making sure that I’m only doing triage on the dps, but when I can’t take my eyes off the tank for fear of him going splat while I toss the dps or myself a quick heal, there’s something wrong.

I’m betting that either healing will be buffed soon, or dmg output by mobs will be nerfed. Either would be fine with me. I understand not wanting healing to be super easy, but for fucks sake who wants to heal when it makes the game no longer feel like a game and instead something to be dreaded? If something doesn’t change soon though, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Cry quietly in a corner maybe, and then learn how to be a boomkin or something I guess.

I’ll figure it out eventually.



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