Shake Ya Tailfeather

After shaking off the Turkey coma I was in last night, I ended up logging into WoW and joining up with a pug for the Starcaller title, which means doing the Observed achievement.

Since the group that I was with, was also looking to do some Hardmodes, I figured why not. This could be my chance to get my Ulduar drake. We went in and honestly, didn’t have much trouble. Doing Iron Dwarf Medium Rare was a bit of a pain in the ass, but we did it after hitting the enrage timer once. The only other problem we’ve had was Mimeron, stupid stupid Mimeron who no longer drops his head. 😦 But over all, the experience was one I would repeat. The group is planning on getting together again tonight to finish up.

On a side note, I’m loving the zone changes. I say pish posh to those people who were scuffing at the changes that WoW was making. Yes, it’s easier to play, but with the easy comes some hard. Because once the Cata raids hit, you’re going to have to CC and pay attention.

Last night, I heard my boy exclaim “SFK is HARD!” and it made me grin. Easy my ass.

I’ve got an update coming soon with some screenshots. So stay tuned. Until then, happy wowing.



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Just the tales of a noob raid leader :]

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