If this is good-bye…

The ground was littered with pieces of Scourge. The air still cackled with residual energy of magics used, and there was an ever present scent of blood. The two elves stood in silence.

“I should have let them kill you,” the blonde one grumbled, “It would save me from having to kill you.”

“You could try, Blood Elf, but it would be in vain. While you are a skilled paladin, you are of no match for me.” She shifted forms as if to prove her point.

“Your point has been made, druid. You are nothing but an animal. Both on the battlefield and off.” He waved his hand at the carnage surrounding them. “I’m not going to attempt to kill you this time, but if our paths should ever cross again …” he trailed off, as she once again shifted forms to stand in front of him.

She sighed, and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. “Then you’ll kill me. I understand.” She stared at him, taking his measure slowly. “However, if this is to be good bye,” She grabbed his tabbard and yanked him closer to her. “Then let us not waste time with words.”


About riotxjess

Just the tales of a noob raid leader :]

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