Breaking up is hard enough.

In the middle of a crowded mall, is where he broke up with me. It was there he told me that he just didn’t have the time for us anymore. No, I’m not talking about my boyfriend breaking up with me, I’m talking about something much more serious. My DM broke up with our group. And oddly enough, I felt as if  I was going through an actual break up.

Our little Dungeons and Dragons group has gone through a lot. We’ve had members leave, and join. We had one member get shipped off to Afganistan, and we even had a character die. I feel much like, many relationships, this one just didn’t get to see the end reward.

Am I mad? No, not really. Am I sad? Of course.  Countless hours of my Friday nights spent around the table, rolling my dice are gone. But, in the end it is the memories that carry on, and that’s what gets me through. I wanted to learn to play, and I did. Am I a wonderful player, no not really. But I’m okay with that, because I had fun doing it.

So now that my Friday nights are free … is there anyone out there who needs a date?


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