Where’s your crown King Nothing?

After having to reform the raid group so many times, and so many disappointments. Finally, my guild killed The Lich King. I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of them as I was that night. People really pulled out all the stops and busted their asses. Of course as soon as he hit 10% people started screaming in vent and typing in all caps, and I … well I started crying. When WotLK came out, my first goal was to complete the expansion so to speak. Since I missed out on it in BC because of real life and what have you. I have completed a major goal! I’m so proud of myself, and my guild.

Now what am I going to do with myself? Well, the correct answer to that would be finish farming achievements, but yanno ,that’s kind of obvious.

They finally announced a release date for Cataclysm, December 7th. I’m really excited, even more so because I was supposed to be going on vacation around that time, but our dates have changed so now not only do I have a shot of getting the Realm First 85 druid, but I”ll be able to level and dink around a bit before vacation. I even got to pre-order the collectors edition. So excited about that, don’t even have the proper words to describe it.

I’ve still got a list a mile long to complete before December, but I think it’s a bit more manageable now. I’m just hoping things go as planned.

This is what my to do list is now:

  • Finish Loremaster [469/700 Kalimdor left, Outlands & Northrend]
  • Buy Chopper & Tundra Mammoth [Need tons more gold]
  • Finish The Insane [Finally out of hated with the Goblins, just need to finish everything else]
  • Finish old world reps [Argent Dawn/Cenarion Circle/ZG]
  • Farm for Barron’s mount & the ZG mounts
  • Clean out Tarr’s bank & the Muffin guild bank
  • Do Operation Gnomergon on Ardain
  • Do the Horde equivalent
  • Kill the Lich King
  • Find a group to finish Ulduar
  • Naxx 10 Man Undying or w/e it is
  • Wintersaber Rep [only 169 more turn ins. I CAN DOOO EEET]
  • They Love Me in that Tunnel [Only Neutral, need to grind moar]
  • The Diplomat [This one I can do as well.]

Yup, so that’s whats new in my world … of warcraft. What’s going on with all of you?


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