Too soon! Too soon!

I’m jumping for the new WoW expansion to be released, really I am.  But the most recent rumor that it will be out on November 2nd has me clutching my string of pearls and crying NOOOOOO.

I’ve got a bucket list a mile long for the current expansion.  So many things that I want to get done that I just haven’t had the time for, or my guild just hasn’t gotten around too.

Plus there are some things on the beta that aren’t anywhere near being done. Still can’t make female worgens. Last time I was on beta you still couldn’t do heroics or check out any of the raids, plus goblins would be stuck at level 4 for the rest of their pointy green lives because one of the goblin starter quests is bugged to hell and back.

The other rumored release date is around Thanksgiving, which while would make more sense, I’m really hoping isn’t true either. Mainly because I’ll be going on vacation and away from my computer at that time.

But none the less, just in case November 2nd is the true release date, I’ll be pushing to get all the things I want to get done, done.

  • Finish Loremaster [310/700 Kalimdor left, Outlands & Northrend]
  • Buy Chopper & Tundra Mammoth [Need tons more gold]
  • Finish The Insane [Seriously, start farming cloth noobface]
  • Finish old world reps [Argent Dawn/Cenarion Circle/ZG]
  • Farm for Barron’s mount & the ZG mounts
  • Clean out Tarr’s bank & the Muffin guild bank
  • Do Operation Gnomergon on Ardain
  • Do the Horde equivalent
  • Kill the Lich King
  • Find a group to finish Ulduar
  • Naxx 10 Man Undying or w/e it is

Yeah, I’m sure there’s more but that’s more than enough. It looks like I need to stop slacking and get my ass in gear.

What about you? What do you have left to finish in World of Warcraft?


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  1. I will buy you a tundra mammoth if you come back to Eldre’Thalas and join OoT.

    • ROFL. I can’t even afford to server transfer right now. I’m stuck on Alexstraza for awhile. I should just kidnap OOT and bring them to Alexstraza.

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