Still waiting for my letter

The goblin inn keepers shrill voice pierced the air. “You there, nightelf.” His bony green finger pointed directly at her. Tarrina sighed, she knew what he wanted. He had been trying to get her attention for the last month now. Her shoulders slumped forward and she wound her way through the crowd so she was standing at the front desk.


A pile of letters appeared on the desk in front of her. “You have to stop with these letters. They keep coming back, and are taking up valuable space. Space is money friend.”

She nodded her head and tucked a strand of her white hair behind her ear. “I’m sorry. I’ll just take them to my room.” The words were quiet, and rough as if she wasn’t used to using her voice. She gathered the pile of letters and turned to leave. The goblins hand shot out quickly and grabbed her wrist.

“Not so fast.” The inn keeper slid off the stool and disappeared behind the desk for a second. With a mighty heave he tossed a burlap sac onto the desk and hoisted himself back into his seat. “Whoever you’re writing too, must not want to hear from you, or maybe they are…” his voice trailed off as Tarrina stared at the bag in horror. Every letter she had written had to be there.

She swallowed hard, and willed her eyes to stay dry. Tarrina fished in her pocket for a second and tossed him a couple of gold pieces, before she turned and made her way back to her room.


About riotxjess

Just the tales of a noob raid leader :]

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