Tarrina curled up on the dirty floor. Her knees pulled to her chest, arms wrapped around them. She squeezed them tighter as another painful shock tore through her body. But still she would not make a sound, no tears escaped. She just lay there, curled up, eyes staring straight ahead.

“Someday ya gon have ta make a noise mon.” the troll growled as he set another shock through her body. “Someday ya gon realize dat nobody be comin’ through here lookin’ ta save ya.” Finally, his mana depleted the troll stopped. “Ya brought this upon ya self nightelf. Ya knew bettah than ta be comin’ ’round here. Ya lucky ol’ Mag found ya first, insteada one’a dose dirty bloodelfs, dey’d as soonas suck ya mana dry as let ya go. Me, I’s just gon have a little fun wid ya first.”


I’ve got the urge to write again. It’s bad though, because what I want to write is not happy. There is no happy ending for the characters I have in mind. It’s a rather dark story. What’s up there, is part of something I started working on awhile ago. I’ve got bits and pieces to a story. But when I put my pen to paper it just comes out jumbled. I’m waiting on a letter, the letter will tell me where this story goes next. I just need to keep checking the mail box.


About riotxjess

Just the tales of a noob raid leader :]

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