Game, Set, Match

I’m unhappy with the way my life has been going. Well, unhappy isn’t the right word. Try really fucking miserable. I don’t know why, or how to change it. But I have to do something or else this feeling of apathy is going to over take me and ruin my life.

So in my effort to get my spending, my eating and well … my life under control. I’m cracking down on myself. I’m going to make myself a game plan and stick too it. I know that for the first 3 weeks it will be hard, but after that it should get easier. Well … hopefully.

Documenting everything, making sure I make wise decisions and just for lack of a better word, faking it until I make it. I’m betting it will help me, and if not then I’ll try something else. I KNOW I’m not happy, so why not try to fix it. The first step to fixing any problem, is realizing that hey you have a problem. And my dear, I’ve got a big one.

I know everyone is deathly interested in what my plan is. Let me tell you, that in my infinte need for orginzation (seriously I’m the girl who made a color coded spread sheet for gear upgrades for WoW when my main first hit 80) it involves, post it notes, color coded spread sheets and a planner. It’s kind of a 3 phase thing.

Phase 1 (which is seriously going to be the hardest phase):
[MONEY] Watch what I spend, and document where all money goes (Color coded spread sheet comes in here – Green for money gained, Red for money lost, Purple for the total)
[EATING] Get food on pay day to make lunches for the next 2 weeks. Eat out only 1 time a week (Wed).
[LIFE] Gym time at least 2 times a week. Tuesday & Thursday. Walk on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes. Document sleep schedule and try to fix it.

I’m not sure what the other 2 phases will entail. Other than pushing up the time I spend at the gym, and cracking down even farther on my money.

Things will work out. I have to have faith that they will, or else everything will be ruined and I’ll be unhappy for-ev-er.


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