Quest Accepted: Find a new MMORPG

I love World of Warcraft, holy hell do I love it. Because of WoW I’ve met so many people that I would not have otherwise met. I’ve met people who have inspired me, who I’ve fallen head over heals for, who’ve hurt me, and some who’ve become my best friends. And yet, WoW is starting to not bore me, but instead starting to bore everyone around me. I don’t want to find more friends, I like the group of friends I have. I don’t want to once again meet more people, and try to fit in. I’m actually happy where I am.

So instead, I’m looking for another MMORPG, one that the people in my life will try as well. They have started playing a DotA like game, League of Legends, but for some reason my computer refuses to run it. I get about 102 fps, and then suddenly … poof. GONE. Down to 2 fps, and those hopes I had of moving … GONE, like the wind.

So I’ve been trolling, looking for something that will entertain me. Something that won’t cost a whole helluva lot of money, because as soon as I get my wisdom teeth out I’ll have none.

So far I’ve downloaded and am trying:
Fiesta Online
Soul Master

While, I doubt that any of these will diminish my love for WoW, I’m hoping that they prove to be an exciting distraction from it. At least something that I can spend time playing when life in Azeroth gets to be as stressful as my life out here in the real world.

Until Later,


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  1. I’m so glad you play WoW. I could tell you do from the post you wrote about a piece of the story you’re writing. Have you tried the Lord of the Rings game? I have heard it’s pretty fun. Haven’t tried it though.
    I have also been trying to find a MMORPG. Preferably a free one… let me know if you find any. Oh, and it has to work on a Mac. Good luck to both of us, I guess… 😉
    ❤ Milieu

    • I haven’t tried Lord of the Rings I’ll check it out.

      If I find any good ones that work on a mac I’ll send them your way 🙂

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