Breaking time.

Summer slump, or something worse I’m not sure. But my guild is now taking a break from raiding. This happened to me in the last guild I was in too, right around the same time as the last expansion. It’s burn out coupled with the frustration of not being more progressed. Everything is easily puggable now, so there’s no reason to stick with your guild.

That’s not fair though, because for most of my raiders it’s the copulation of burnout with real life just taking over. Does it make it any easier to swallow? No, not at all. Because now myself and a couple others who DO want to progress, and want to continue have to start all over again. Which means recruitment, and making sure these people are in for the long haul. And then what do I do with the new recruits once my old raiders come back?

Honestly, there isn’t a course that teaches you how to be a guild/raid leader. You just have to go with the flow, and hope in the end everyone knows that you aren’t making these choices to hurt them. I know that I personally try to be fair and give everyone a chance. And I honestly would hope that my raiders and guildies know that. I’m not a bitch. I’m not one to say it’s my way or the highway. I suppose maybe I need to do that in order to succeed. But it’s just not my style.

I’m learning to raid lead. And  soon enough I would imagine I’m going to have to learn how to lead a guild as well. Maybe I’ll write a how to book on it. Someone out there might appreciate it… maybe.
Until then, I’m spamming my recruit macro in trade.

Raiders of Light is currently looking for tanks and range dps to fill out our raiding core. We’re 11/12 in ICC 10. Our raid nights are Wed/Thurs/Sun from 7pm til 10pm server. PST for more info.


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