You know that I’ll miss you.

Things change, and that’s part of life. But it doesn’t make things any easier. It’s like … you get used to how things are and then things change. It’s up to the person to either accept it or to not deal with it. My normal routine is to just play ostrich and pretend that things are okay and not changing. But that always comes back to bite me in the ass later on. I’ve been working on it though, it’s not always easy, but at least I’m making the effort. I’m making an effort in a lot of areas in my life. That’s part of the reason as to why I started writing in this.

So while the beta was downloading last night, I was playing around on Steam and downloaded the demo for Torchlight, that shit is so fun. OMFG I want it. I need to save money though so it’s gonna have to wait a couple of weeks. That’s okay though, the things I’m saving for are a little bit more important than a video game.

Talked to a friend of mine today from a long time ago. Him and I have gone through our ups and downs. We were hella close for like 2 years, had a falling out and then got really close again. When we weren’t talking it was like a part of me was missing. It hurt so fucking bad, I’m glad that we fixed it. He recently just welcomed a new addition into his little family, and I’m so happy for him. I know he’ll be an amazing father. I’m currently saving up to head out and visit him for a couple of days. It’ll be good times.

I wish that it was easy with all my friends as it was with him. It would make my life so much easier. Maybe I’m over reacting or something, I don’t feel like I am though. I just … IDK. It’s whatever.

I got some screenies from the beta. Nothing much just shit that looked important to me. So I’ll toss them in at the end of this post and then move myself off to bed.


How much XP you’ll need to level from 80 to 81

The new character tab

The new profession tab. I love the way this looks. It looks so freaking awesome.

The new spell book feature. It seriously now tells you what level you get spells and shit at. And like when you ding you get this big annoying flash across your screen that says something like “You’ve reached LEVEL XX” and then when you’ve got a skill that’s ready to be learned it once again flashes across your screen and tells you that you can go learn it. So weird.

The first couple of quest rewards I came across, looks like it might be the whole regular WoW to BC thing again where we’re replacing gear right off the bat.

The map for Mt Hyjal

Then it was time for me to head to Stormwind!

Flying over it. Look at all those rooftops ;P
There is actually water in the fountain now!

The AH looks like an actual auction house. All of the graphics look so much cleaner now and just … amazing.

The front gates, I kind of got teary over this.

The park, it was seeing this that I just lost it. I can’t believe I actually started to cry. It was like seeing my house in shambles or something.

The vine fields outside of Northsire Abby. The Defias guys there turned into Black Rock Orcs.

YAY! Dailys in SW & they offer skill points. Hello easy leveling of shitty professions (Yes fishing I’m looking at you!)

By now I was tired of seeing all the destruction so I decided to play around with a Worgen. Currently female Worgen cannot be created. So I went ahead and rolled a quick male Worgen hunter. It’s so weird seeing level 1 hunters with pets right off. But Worgens get English Bulldogs for their pets so I had to create one! That’s just so awesome. Plus since my alt is a hunter, I was curious as to how the energy thing was going to work out. It wasn’t too bad, but at low level oh holy hell I was seriously blowing shit away.

Character creation screen (yes Fredrico is his name haha)

What he looked like in game, no where near as handsome as before 😡

The whole area was so adlfjaldsj AMAZING looking. The details were awesome, and just looked so realistic. I felt the same way with WotLK but this is like times 1 billion or something. I didn’t get much more than those screen shots though. I did try to learn archeology , but couldn’t learn it yet. I’m not sure if I went to the wrong spot or what not. However, the trainer is Harrison Jones and he gives a speech very similar to one of the ones Indiana Jones gives in the movies. I laughed for like 10 minutes straight. And then once he calls his class, one of the students blows him a kiss. Which just creeped me out a little bit.

Anyway, more beta funsies later. I’m going to go finish the book I’m reading and get some sleep.

Until later,


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